925 Sterling Silver Threader earrings with Swarovski

SKU: FJ0085a
  • 925 Sterling Silver threaders with gorgeous  Swarovski crystal heart pendant.  Threaders are always comfortable and easy to wear.  They have the added benefit of allowing the user to choose the length of the earring by pulling the chain through the ear halfway and having equal amounts hanging down - or pulling it through the minimum amount and having a longer earring.


    Please note that the colour of the blue crystal changes depending on what it is next to.  Like all crystals they reflect the colours around them.


    • Overall length -93 mm long
    • Swarovski Pendant crystal width- 10 mm
    • Threader style
    • 925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plating
    • Free of Lead and Nickel


    Free designer jewellery box supplied (as per photo) making this ideal as a gift or to store your jewellery.

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